Council of Special Education Administrators (CASE)

CASE is one of the 17 divisions of the Council for Exception Children. CASE has chapters in 36 states, most of which are affiliated with state associations of special education administrators. Some states require a “unified” membership (you must belong to both in order to join either group), which others offer a variety of membership options, In New Hampshire, we have a strong association for special education administrators, with a history of nearly 30 years. We have chosen to become affiliated with CASE, with 46 CASE members in New Hampshire as of November, 2004. 35 of the 46 CASE NH members also belong to NHASEA.


CASE members are automatically updated, via e-mail, of changes at the national level, such as the recent passage of IDEA 2004. They also have access to many resources for practicing special education administrators. There is the invaluable benefit of being able to connect with administrators in other states with CASE chapters, and to attend conferences in the Fall and Winter with topics of interest and national-level speakers.

State Activities

CASE-NH will be sponsoring in-state conferences, such as the August Academy and the annual March conference. These activities benefit local directors by providing timely and informative sessions, networking, and quality keynote presentations. Other sessions, covering topics such as the 2004 re-authorization of the IDEA, and year-long course like the Academies of Professional Practice, will be supported in the near future by CASE-NH.