Welcome to the website for CEC- New Hampshire!

The Council for Exceptional Children is an international organization whose mission is to support professionals and parents in providing services to exceptional children. CEC has 17 divisions, including Talented and Gifted (TAG), Teacher Education Division (TED), and CASE (Council for Administrators of Special Education), among others.

This website will provide CEC-NH members, and others, with information about CEC-NH activities, upcoming events, and resources available. It has a direct link to the CEC national office, the CASE website, and to the website of the NH Association of Special Education Administrators.

We will update our website with upcoming events, and with information that will be helpful to practitioners in the field.

Most of our 350 members are working in public or private schools in New Hampshire, and many of them are classroom teachers and/or case managers.

Much of our emphasis for training and information will be directed to those people at the classroom level, similar to the publications that CEC members receive.

We hope you will explore our website, and that you will give us feedback about ways we can improve it.

You may contact us directly or you may also call us at (603) 344-4275.

CEC-NH Special Education Teacher of the Year



 2017-2018 Special Education Teacher of the Year

Kenneth Fuller

SAU #53 Bridge Alternative Middle School, Pembroke